Astrology global recession

The planet Neptune rules our fantasy, our creative side. Neptune is not of this earth. Neptune is one of the strongest planets related to cancer, sometimes hidden, until too late.

Tip: If you have a natal Neptune or transiting Neptune in your 6th house of health, always, always. Also, if Neptune Pisces in on your 6th house cusp. Coronavirus came to light. Was coming into orb as Mars rolled over the USA ascendant. Mars 1st h, Neptune 3rd h. Are you wanting to make better business decisions?

Recession/Depression/Stock Market Crash!! Buckle Down! 2019 ~ 2022!

I can help with that, please email. July 24, January 28, January 17, Thank you so much for all of the work you put into this. Your articles are very insightful.

If you do personal reading I would be very interested. Mary C. Thank you Bree. Your article is very helpful shedding clarity on current and upcoming events. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate your service to everyone who reads this. Thank you for sharing. Great article. Many blessings, Bree.

Thank you dear Bree for all your work you send to us. Not living in USA. Sending you so mutch blessing to you from Sweden.It is almost 3 years now to that earth-shaking announcement of PM Narendra Modi on the evening of 8 th of November when the currency notes of Rs.

The effects of demonetization, which is the most disputed move of Modi government, are still there to be felt at the Indian economy which is struggling due to a slowdown in various sectors. Internationally the US-China trade war initiated by Donald Trump and the middle-east tensions are creating a fear psychosis of global recession. Interestingly when Mr. Instead of tackling the problem of illicit cash the employment was reduce, output was lost, millions of man hours were wasted and investment came down.

However, the demonetization and GST were not complete failure as now the government has enough data to track and nab tax evaders. The economic slowdown in India has many other reasons which as per astrological analysis are not going to get solved before The conjunction of Saturn-Jupiter in Capricorn sing in and will further compound to the problems of economic slowdown which will take the shape of a global recession around that time.

The conjunction or opposition of Saturn and Jupiter bring major economic, social and political changes around the world is a cardinal principal of Medini Jyotish mundane astrology.

This has been explained in the classical text like Mayur Chitram and Bhavishya Phala Bhaskara in very brief in just one Sanskrit stanza each. Saturn is the Karaka for masses or people in general and Jupiter signifies wealth and wisdom. Whenever Saturn and Jupiter conjoined together or they come into mutual opposition there is a drastic change in public opinion about politics, social matters, fashion in general and about spending habits.

It has been observed that major economic recession around the world comes around the time when Saturn-Jupiter are in conjunction or opposition. By this measure there were six global recession since world war II: they were in, and At the time of all these global economic recessions the Saturn-Jupiter were either in opposition or in conjunction with each other.

In Saturn was transiting in Aries and Jupiter was in Libra in the 7th house from it. During Saturn and Jupiter were in conjunction in Virgo sign. In Saturn was in Sagittarius and Jupiter was in Gemini in the 7th from it at direct opposition. During Saturn and Jupiter were in conjunction in Taurus sign.

In the mid of Saturn was in Leo and Jupiter was in Aquarius. Later in year Saturn came into Virgo and Jupiter moved to Pisces in the 7th house from it. This was the period when the entire Europe and USA was affected with global recession. Anti corruption public protests were also started around that time in Arab world and also in Indian sub-continent which resulted in change of regimes.

Now Saturn-Jupiter will again come into a great conjunction.

2017 – 2020: Global Economic Collapse

During the months of November-December they will be in conjunction in sign Sagittarius. Later from May to July the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter will take place in Capricorn sign. This bring bring a mini-world war like situation along with major political and social revolutions. India will involve in a war with Pakistan and China in the summer of There will be mass protest against politicians and super-rich industrialist around the world during These public protest will start from South-American countries and slowly spread in the entire Europe, North America and may even reach south Asian countries like India.

The USA. South America and Europe will suffer the most severe economic crisis.There does not seem to be any respite from the Trade war between the US and China. Eclipses may add fuel to the fire after 17th June, 17th July26th Dec.

Astrology Predicted loud and clear that there will be a Economy burst since the 2 big economies of the World US and China may not be agble to settle their scores in the Trade war due to Planetary positions. Jupiter turning Retrograde and falling in the sign Scorpio on the 23rd April and Saturn also turning Retrograde on the 30th April will add fuel to the Fire. This time also it seems that Oct.

The negotiations were due to resume on Friday morning Washington time. Saturn has also completed its 90 year cycle from and 30 year cycle hence there are high chances of the Global Economy taking a strong hit when Saturn is in Sagitarius till 18th Sept.

China has threatened to retaliate if Trump proceeded with his threat to raise those tariffs. The Trump team is intensifying its trade war with Beijing, which it claims reneged on commitments it had made in earlier trade talks. The tariff increase took effect even after negotiators for the two sides resumed talks Thursday in Washington.

We are due a recession in 2020 – and we will lack the tools to fight it

The talks were due to resume Friday after wrapping up without any word on progress. China had threatened to retaliate if President Donald Trump goes ahead with the tariff hikes, adding to the heated rhetoric from both sides that was shaking stock markets around the world.

The negotiators met Thursday evening. Then, after briefing Trump on the negotiations, top U. Talks are scheduled to resume Friday morning, the White House said. Meanwhile, investors awaited the public debut of ride-hailing giant Uber Technologies Inc. On the economic front, consumer prices rose by 0. The tariffs will be imposed on some of the goods listed on a previous retaliation list from The U. Jyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala Date 10th May That new tariff rate will be effective on June 1, the Chinese government said in a statement.

The intensifying Sino-American trade squabble is making for uniquely bad May trading for U. US is going to Face the worst of the times as per this Theory. The Planetary Positions are most Venomous as already mentioned by me for other Countries also and a Global Recession is now round the Corner any time after 11th June it so seems. Jyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala Date 13th May Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Email Address. Friend's Email Address. Your Name. Your Email Address. Send Email. Now Read my Articles below 1. Like this: Like Loading Search this website! Search for:.Call us: United States goes through recession every 9 — 10 years, when either Saturn is in conjunction with Ketu or Rahu in Vedic Astrology. During this time Trump came so close to going to war with Iran twice, but somehow was able to diffuse the war like situation. Donald Trump knew if he could somehow dodge war and recession in his first Presidential Term, it will greatly improve his chances of victory in the Presidential Election.

The trillion-dollar tax cuts that Trump gave to Corporate America, were offered with the understanding that Corporate America will help him keep the stock market high, unemployment numbers low and help him delay the recession until after the Presidential Election.

astrology global recession

US economy was already in auto-pilot mode since President Obama left the office, and Donald Trump became the President. Corporate America was able to keep the stock market high, with surge in stock buybacks, with the tax cuts money they received. The unemployment rate was low, but more low paying jobs were created. People had to work 2 or 3 jobs to pay their monthly bills.

Low unemployment rate is meaningless if workers are trapped in low-wage jobs with little to no bargaining power. Wage growth has been stagnant for decades and the average American family is poorer than they were before the financial crisis.

Underemployment and stagnant wages mean there has effectively been no economic recovery for a significant portion of the US labor force. The economy is only working for those at the top, while everyone else gets shafted.

The stock market crashed between June and Aprilas predicted by me three years ago. This is just the beginning of the global recession, also predicted by me 3 years ago. My astrology prediction on war between June and April also came correct.

Now you know why 3 years ago, I had chosen April 1, to publish the Presidential Elections Astrology predictions, because astrologically the month of March was horrible, and I knew this 3 years ago. Nobody, that includes astrologers, political pundits, financial market gurus had any clue that we will be attacked by COVID, and stock market will crash in March American people will realize that Donald Trump is utterly unsuited to deal with the crisis like coronavirus, either intellectually or temperamentally.

Trump ignored repeated warnings from intelligence officials to prepare for a coronavirus outbreak, according to news reports. However, Trump disregarded them, fearing that news of an outbreak would hurt the stock market, and his chances of re-election. This has made the US lose valuable time, and plausibly increased the harm the virus can cause to Americans.

The global coronavirus outbreak and the financial market crash might accomplish something that Mueller Investigation and Trump Impeachment could not accomplish. This time Donald Trump cannot pay hush money or change the news cycle. May, June, July this year are very difficult and challenging months for Donald Trump and the country. We will see full blown coronavirus during this period, many people will die during these months, before things get better after September this year.

Now Rahu has again come back to same position in Gemini sign, and we are witnessing Coronavirus attack this time. Since Gemini is the third sign of the Zodiac, it rules lungs, respiratory system.

astrology global recession

In my opinion, astrologically we should have a complete shutdown of the economy, and Americans should stay at home until August 15 this year, only then we could contain this invisible enemy COVID Things will become even more difficult for Donald Trump after September 24 this year, when Rahu and Ketu will change signs.Mars and Saturn must join. If the aspects of Parashar Exist even then they must be examined through the Chakra aspect for fine Predictions.

Rashi Sanghata Chakra 2. The Period From 27th Sept. Conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Capricorn, Mars Debilitation Lord of Saturn, Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter again not good and Rahu in Ardra Nakshatra big transformation in the world from 30th March to 22nd April prone to untoward happenings as discussed below for the Globe in general and a malefic conjunction for India for Espionage by foreign elements and hence terrorism and war like conditions with the neighbors.

In Mundane Astrology the Conjunction of the heavy planets is extremely important. These indicate a turning points in the history of nations, old order dies and new order takes over. The planetary positions are prone to give massive transformation specially when Rahu is also entering Ardra nakshatra on the 27th Sept. The Conjunction of Mars and Saturn is most important when it takes place with in 1 degree.

astrology global recession

The houses in which the conjunction takes place will be strongly influenced by the conjunction. For Example on the 5th June Conjunction of Mars and Saturn took place in the sign Libra the 6th house of the Foundation chart of India over the 8th Lord Jupiter which led to rebellion, large scale killing in Punjab. Note the Degrees of Mars and Saturn they are with in 1 degrees. This Transit is a very important one due to the following Reasons.

Jupiter connected to Saturn in close degrees on the 11th May when Saturn goes in Retrogression at 6 degrees 3. Jupiter at 3 degrees goes in Retrogression on the 15th May 4. The Saturn and Jupiter come close with in 3 degrees. Mars and Saturn conjunction in Capricorn 2. Saturn and Jupiter with in 3 degrees. Mars and Saturn conjunction is considered very inauspicious. Even Jahangir- the Mughal king of India was afraid of theis conjunction. This Conjunction is taking place in the 9th house of the Foundation chart of India and in the sign Capricorn alloted to India by Varahamihra, this is most malefic in this Regard since in the India Foundation chart Mars is the 12th and the 7th Lord and Saturn is the 9th and the 10th Lord and with Jupiter the 8th and the 11th Lord Taking place in the 7th house from the natal Moon afflicts the Capricorn-Cancer axis and it has been seen that when ever the Capricorn -Cancer axis is afflicted it brings tragedy for India.

Most prone to happenings indicating destruction world wide and specially the significations of Rahu and Ketu as mentioned above.

Astrology Patterns & the Coronavirus

Again on the 8th April Moon will be in the sign Virgo will agin get vedha from Rahu. Since the 9th house of the Foundation chart and the Sign Capricorn will be afflicted the significations of the 9th house together with Jupiter will sprout with dimension.

Mars as already mentioned that can ignite things due to Espionage since the Lord of the 7th and the 12th house and will aspect the 12th house and the 3rd house together with the 4th house of the Foundation chart.

The Luminaries are afflicted indicates untoward happening and Rahu and Moon over the Natal Mars of the India Foundation chart and in the same navamsha. The Natal Mars will aspect the 3 planets in Transit in the sign Capricorn and almost degree-aspect on Mars and Saturn at 6. Although the Conjunction with in 1 degree is most important here the conjunction is with in 3 degrees.

astrology global recession

They get conjunct every 20 years and every 10 years from Conjunction they oppose each other. This Conjunction Took place 60 years back on the 17th Feb It is believed that from this conjunction most important events are derived specially for those Countries ruled by this sign. As per Varahamihra India is ruled by Capricorn, hence even this conjunction will bring transformations in India.Last time economic depression that started to begin inplanetary signatures presaged what was to come?

The next global recession, which you can call the Great Depression or a period of economic crisis will be a perfect storm for the market worldwide. Because just as the new decade dawns, all the sectors which can be termed as economy backbone like the real-estate sector, automobile sector, construction sector, student debt loans along with years of the central reserve systems will sink.

It will sink a lot of peoples in utter despair. The advent of the global recession will result in the rocket rise in the prices of energy resources and food items. During this recession period, there will be a significant fall in activities related to finance, which can last from a few months to several years. However, Debt will be a major problem. This marks a time of economic and financial losses connected to investments in the stock market, bonds, and debentures.

By the time of Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Dec, it will open up a new worldwide recession going into, and Tags: economic crisiseconomic slowdowneconomyglobal economyglobal recessionglobal recessionnext recessionrecession. Why are you saying that Jupiter and Saturn will be in Taurus? The fact of the matter is that they will be in Capricorn. Maybe you are referring to the Navamsha chart…. Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Like fingerprints or the tiny bumps and ridges on your tongue, no two astrological cycles look exactly alike.

Or unfold in exactly the same way. But, over time, repeating planetary cycles often have a familiar ring to them. Some more than others give astrologers the jitters. Morris, MA. She says conjunctions occur when orbiting planets occupy the same degree in an astrological sign whilst they careen through space on different timelines. Archetypal Saturn is identified with structure and stability but also with physical and psychological boundaries and limitations.

Tiny Pluto is the explosive planetary energy firing radical or reactionary change and transformation. Morris says astrologers are wary because of the powerful, world-altering changes that have occurred in the past when these celestial heavyweights were sharing the same zodiacal degree, an event that occurs every 32 to 35 years.

Saturn and Pluto aligned degrees apart in opposite astrological signs generates fireworks as well. The Vietnam War began in Februaryalso on this configuration. America suddenly became a colonial power with overseas dependents. Saturn was opposing Pluto in December of that year.

A power shift occurred following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the collapse of the Russian monarchy. The U. A lasting image from his Presidency focuses on the role he played in helping to redraw the map boundaries of Europe once the shooting stopped.

Saturn is all about re-establishing parameters. Restructuring the map of Europe was once again the order of the day following World War II when the planet conjoined powerhouse Pluto in August in the astrological sign of Leo. They have won elections for the European Parliament and in several European countries Sweden, Italy, Hungary and Austria and are consolidating their power across the union.

And the Northern Ireland border with Ireland open since the end of the s Irish war would now need to close again as Ireland is part of the EU and Northern Ireland is part of Brexit.

In his book, Astrology for the Millions, t he late astrologer Grant Lewi called the last Uranus in Taurus cycle the Age of Dictators because the s produced Hitler, Mussolini, Tito, Franco, Tojo and other authoritarian leaders.


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